Technisys Tops IBS Intelligence Sales Table for the Americas 2020

July 1, 2020

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MIAMI, July 1, 2020: Technisys, the innovative digital banking technology company that empowers established banks to transform to digital and helps jump-start challenger, neo banks and fintech companies, has been ranked as a digital banking supplier in multiple areas of IBS Intelligence’s Annual Sales League Table (IBSI SLT) for 2020: Technisys and the company’s Cyberbank Platform ranked as one of the top 2 ‘Regional Leaders’ for the Americas Technisys ranked top 5 worldwide in the ‘Pure-play Digital-only Segment’ Cyberbank Digital ranked top 5 worldwide in the area of ‘Digital Banking & Channels’ As one of the top two platform-suppliers for the Americas Region, Techinsys joins IBS Intelligence’s IBSI SLT Leadership Club. “We are pleased to welcome Technisys to the IBSI SLT leadership club. The SLT ranking is purely based on sales performance and hence, is a true barometer of market recognition. Congratulations, Technisys!” said Mr. V. Ramkumar, Sr Partner, IBS Intelligence. “Technisys’s vision has always been to be the global leader in technology solutions for digital banking, and our ranking in multiple segments of the 2020 IBSI SLT is a major step towards realizing that vision,” comments German Pugliese Bassi, co-founder and CMO at Technisys. “We are thrilled that all the work we’ve put into developing our best-in-class dynamic API-centric Cyberbank platform and the strong relationships we have with our customers, is being recognized in this way.” “We are 100% focused on growing our presence in North America even further,” continues Pugliese Bassi. “We are investing heavily and expanding our product portfolio to support banks and financial institutions in the US and Canada in their digital transformation efforts.” Stewart A. Stockdale, Chairman & CEO of Rellevate, a Technisys customer in the US, added: “Technisys is really well-positioned in the United States and in the rest of the world for digital transformation”. Detailed analysis and insights from the 2020 IBSI SLT are available in the June edition of the IBS Journal. The Cyberbank Platform

Cyberbank is Technisys’s dynamic API-centric core and digital banking platform. The platform, based on the concept of ‘Structural Flexibility’, helps banks and FIs rapidly adapt to changing consumer behaviors and win with digital experiences that help them differentiate. Cyberbank Core enables banks and FIs to create new and innovative products and services based on powerful parameterization tools and a library of ready-to-use capabilities. And Cyberbank Digital enables banks to create digital ecosystems and build exceptional, responsive digital experiences. Note: This article was originally published on which was acquired by SoFi Technologies in February 2022 and is the parent company of Galileo.

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