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Payment Processing & Money Transfers

Payment processing built for today's digital-first customer

Seamless and secure transactional experiences are the baseline for payment processing and money transfers today.
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Your customers expect speed, precision and reliability — from authorization to settlement.

Today’s digital payments ecosystem demands you handle everything from real-time payments and electronic payments to money transfers and peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers.

Galileo’s market-tested transaction processing technology is at the core of our payment and transfer capabilities that allow you to seamlessly authorize payment quickly, post accurately and settle funds efficiently.

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Protect payments at every stage of the transaction.

We sit invisibly behind every transaction your customers make, conducting a series of nearly instantaneous checks and verifications to ensure secure, fast and PCI-compliant authorization, reconciliation and settlement.

Galileo’s real-time decisioning capabilities allow you to have maximum control as your ACH transactions are processed — allowing you to proactively authorize and deny transactions.
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Achieve seamless interaction and API connectivity.

Our external transaction API for ACH and bill pay provides customers familiar and seamless integration with payment processing.
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Transfer money swiftly, easily and securely.

Get your customers’ funds to where they need to be — quickly and safely. Whether you offer the ability to instantly transfer money via wire, card-to-card, peer-to-peer (P2P), bank-to-bank transfer, or some other money transfer, we have you covered.
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Boost your revenues with fast, secure payment processing.

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